Ridesharing with Actors, Male Models and a Picky Foodie

In this episode of Man On The Seat, your host and driver Timmy D. spends his time with three diverse guests.

We start the drive with Ronique Williams an actress and reality TV star. Ronique’s acting portfolio can be found on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3106342/. Ronique was in two seasons of the Keyshia Cole Show and has been in two movies – Rabidus and Basketball 3:16.

Second in the seat is Troy, a male model from Atlanta. Timmy D and Troy discuss being a male model, Troy’s upcoming acting career in reality TV and Troy’s love for the Philadelphia Eagles. Troy makes some bold predictions for the playoff game between the Falcons and the Eagles, was he correct?

Lastly, we finish off the ride with Arny. We only get 10 minutes with Arny, but it was a great 10 minutes discussing the intricacies of Indonesian cuisine. Hopefully Timmy D. will get another ride with Arny some other day and she can finish her story.

Also, last episode we forgot to mentioned Timmy D’s Brother in-law and his great band, Line Item Veto out of Washington DC. A huge shout out to them for doing the music for the intro and transitions in the podcast. If you live in the DC area and need a band, please check them out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LineItemVetoDC/?ref=nf

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