Ridesharing with Jesse and Brandon

Welcome to the premiere episode of Man On The Seat, a Rideshare Podcast. This is the show where your Host and Driver Timmy D. interviews his rideshare passengers. This is not a show about driving for Uber of Lyft.

The show opens with Timmy D. discussing the premise of the show and how it came about. He then talks with two passengers in this episode. Jesse and Brandon.

Jesse and Timmy D. discuss issues running from Call of Duty, Alabama Football, Politics and whether or not Donald Trump is good for race relations in the United States.

Brandon and Timmy D. spend over 40 minutes together discussing a whole array of topics from writing for television, work on a reality show, the Atlanta Film Industry, the movie Jumanji, Will Farrell, suing HBO for making us wait so long to see the final season of Game of Thrones, Oprah for President and finally the abolitionist John Brown.

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Enjoy the show!

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