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All items listed on the page are Timmy D approved and tested.  Enjoy!


   This phone holder is the cat’s meow.  Not sure how I survived without one.  If you have vertical vents in your car, you cannot use most vent clip phone holders (especially if you have an iPhone Plus)  This just goes into your CD slot and uses a little pressure to stay in place. It will not damage your CD player and who uses CD’s anymore? So Old School.

   I love having the driving app whispering in my ear.  So much easier to get verbal directions when you are driving then looking at your phone, safer too.  This inexpensive Bluetooth headset works great for getting directions and your passengers don’t have to hear those annoying prompts.  Also,  it has an 11 hour charge, I’ve yet to run out of juice on a drive.

   If you are like me, your phone is taken up giving directions to you and not playing music.  This little bluetooth speaker is awesome for letting your riders listen to their music.  Very easy to pair and the sound quality rivals a Bose (might be kidding about that, but damn close if you ask me).  It’s flat design makes it easy to stash on your dash.  Also, this little case is a nice add on for the speaker.

   It’s winter, you’ve been driving all night long and now you are hungry.  You could pull into your Go To Fast Food restaurant and fill up with dead calories or you could just pull over and pop open this bad boy full of hot, delicious, warm soup.  Nuff said.

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