About the Podcast

Everyone has a story to tell, Man on the Seat is a podcast about you, the rideshare rider
and your story. Seat back, relax, fasten your seat belt and put in your earbuds while
your host and driver Timmy D takes you down the life roads of his rideshare passengers.

About Timmy D.

Timmy D.Timmy D is your rideshare driver and host. He has been part-time driving on the weekends since February, 2017. With over 600 rides, Tim is ranked as one of Atlanta, Georgia’s top rideshare drivers. He started driving to raise a little extra money to take Mrs. D on a spectacular anniversary trip to Puerto Rico and continues to drive now because he enjoys the experience. What does he like the most? The new people he meets on every trip and the stories and conversations they share.

Man on the Seat was born from those conversations and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


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